Meet our Team

Meet our team of professionals at team Planet Intuition.

Ahlia Rose

Ahlia Rose is a Content and Freelance writer. She has published many non-fiction books and loves to travel and write.

She is passionate about our environment, worldly issues, and uplifting humanity. You can view her profile of books here.

Ahlia or Ali as we know her has lived in many places around the world. She is a keen photographer and travel writer and spends her time working on various articles for us here at Planet Intuition.

Her background is in Business & Social Media Marketing, although she likes to keep her private life, private. She is a pillar of light and transfers her positive energy into her work. That is why she is inspired to write about real-life topics, travel, and self-help.

Planet Intuition Freelance writers

Josie Green is Planet’s networker. She takes care of most of our emails and social connections, as well as being a keen writer and storyteller. Josie’s a green thumb and environmental enthusiast who enjoys spending time outdoors.

In her spare time, she can be found mountain biking, hiking, and keeping fit & healthy. Josie is creatively talented and her background is in PR & networking. You can check out our Youtube videos she creates.

If you have any questions or would like to get in touch with our team, please send us an email on the contacts page.