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Recommended Travel Books

Travel is one of life’s most simplest and enjoyable pleasures. Since most of us are currently having travel withdrawal symptoms, being inspired becomes the next best thing. Here are a few recommended travel books to invest in.

The Mediterranean evokes images of blue seas and a laidback lifestyle most of us can only dream of. For Rose, it has been an opportunity of a lifetime to be able to live and explore it.

Her passion for travel, growth, and adventure led her to publish two coffee table books on Italy and Greece.

Italy La Dolce Vita, Travel to Italy. Journey into the Italian culture & way of living

by Rose Letti

Italy book by rose letti

One cannot feel more inspired when talking about magical Italy. From enchanting cities like Venice, Rome, and the Amalfi Coastline, it is hard not to fall in love with this country.

From the people, culture, mannerisms, and food, Italy has so much to offer. Rose shows you a deeper side to the Italian sayings, customs, and places to explore.

With wanderlust images and quotes by famous Italians, this book is nothing but pure emotion for the travel lover.

Buy it as a gift or treat your home to something special your guests will love.

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Travel to the Greek Islands

Greece, The Blue Odyssey, your travel guide to Greece. Journey into the Greek culture, cuisine, history & Greek Island life 

by Rose Letti

Dream of the Saffire waters of the Greek Islands? Anyone who has seen or visited Greece travel guide by rose letti
Greece understands the unexplainable pull this place can have. After living on a few of the Greek Islands herself, Rose became accustomed to the Greek culture and way of life. Siga, siga, slowly, slowly. There is really no other way to be than by the sea eating fresh local seafood, taking morning swims, and embracing the Greek way of living.

This book will bring you back to when life was simple and time stood still.

If you are dreaming of your next travel adventure then let yourself be inspired by these wonderful books. It is the next best thing to real travel.

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Explore Portugal

by Rose Letti

Portugal A Latin Fairytale: Your Travel Guide to Portugal. Journey into the Culture, Cuisine & Magical Cities.

portugal bookDiscover stunning Portugal in all its color and glory. The many hidden gems, beautiful architecture, picturesque beaches, and natural surroundings. 

Gain an insight into the Portuguese way of life, their passion for football, wine and music. And of course who can resist the Portuguese food.

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Recommended Reading for Empaths

Recommended reading for empaths that can help them to develop life skills and grow through personal exploration of their emotions. One of our own Authors and writers Ahlia Rose is an expert on this topic and shares her knowledge and wisdom in her stunning books.

Empath Self Introspection Guide 2 in 1 book
. Awaken  & Heal

Repetitive Patterns. Master Emotions, tools to overcome Self-doubt&
Trust your path. Discover your life purpose &reveal your highest potential.

by Ahlia Rose

Ahlia Rose empath book

Tired of taking on negative energies that keep you feeling exhausted? This 2 in 1 guide will help any empath or HSP learn skills while trying to cope with the emotions surrounding them.
As an experienced empath and self-help coach, Ahlia Rose takes her
audience by the hand and teaches them how to believe in themselves
and their abilities.

Learn to explore your gifts and be open to seeking your truth to acknowledge and change bad habits. Inspiring and entertaining
this trustworthy guide will teach you and challenge you to become
the best version of yourself. By using modern-day techniques and
being open to new possibilities you’ll discover how you can embrace
your new way of being by believing in your capabilities & yourself.
Available on Audible, Kindle, or Paperback.

A must-read for any highly sensitive soul or empath looking to discover their purpose & potential.

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Develop Coping Skills for Empaths or HSP | Reading For Empaths

Empath Follow Your North Node.
A Mindfulness Guide for sensitive souls. Awaken your Psychic gifts, master
emotions. Life skills for relationships, healing, wisdom & trusting your path.

by Ahlia Rose

Do you struggle to understand yourself as an empath, and what is best for you?

Written from an empath’s perspective, this book explores and encourages you to note the red flags, grow from your experiences, and embrace your intuition. If you struggle with overwhelming feelings, loneliness, or feel like you don’t belong in the world, you will find this book remedial.

Follow Your North Node encourages empaths to explore techniques to assist them. Using astrology and other methods to assist with the struggle empaths face on a daily basis. You will discover:

  • How to trust yourself and your inner guidance
  • The benefits of astrology, being open to spirituality & using your gifts.
  • Tools & strategies to overcome feeling drained or overwhelmed
  • Inner child work & where your repressed emotions or lack of worth can stem from
  • How to work through your fears, doubts, to build confidence and stability in your life.

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Empaths in Relationships and Trusting Your Intuition

Awaken to Your Truth. Get Unstuck & Break Bad Habits. A Spiritual Healing Journey of Self-discovery & Transformation. Learn to Trust Yourself, Your Emotions & Embrace Your Gifts.

by Ahlia Rose
Empath Relationships
In a gentle way, Ahlia Rose guides you through the blessings of
being an empath by
sharing her personal experience and
empath story. She struggles with relationships
and the ability
to trust herself causing toxic relationships and leaving her
feeling defeated with life.

You’ll learn how to control your thoughts and emotions, in order
to manifest an abundant life. Through a spiritual awakening and by
mastering techniques she learns to embrace her gifts & path.
A great book for empaths, or anyone who is struggling to find themselves or a sense of worth right now.

Come on board this journey of awakening to your truths with Ahlia & purchase the solution you have been looking for.

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Recommended Reading for Overthinking

Overthinking can be a detrimental disorder, it can literally take control of your life. If you struggle with procrastinating thoughts we have some recommended books for overthinking. Try these suggestions below.

Stop Overthinking Get Clarity & Rebalance Yourself. 

by Lisa Macallen

books on overthinkingOur thoughts can keep us feeling stuck, or fatigued, however, help is out there. Psychologists, Bob Lipton & Lisa Macallen share their wisdom to overcome overthinking in this 2 in 1 guidebook.

Some of the effective techniques you will learn include;

  • The Power of Your Thoughts
  • Self-Chatter, Fears, and Doubts
  • Stop Overthinking about the Past or Future
  • Neuroplasticity and Overthinking Psychological behavior
  • Creating a Confident Plan of Action towards Change and much more!
    Do yourself a favor and invest in your wellbeing with this detailed guidebook.

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Recommended Reading to Stop Overthinking

Stop Overthinking, Rebalance Yourself is a detailed guide on how to break negative habits and master your emotions.

by Lisa Macallen

stop overthinking book

Our insecurities and uncertainties can often hold us back making us feel unaligned. By consciously deciding to change your mindset,
through building healthy habits,
you can change your life

Learn to break the practice of overthinking and overdoing by understanding the busy bee paradox. With helpful activities and mindset reprogramming techniques, this book can help overthinkers to master their behaviors and regain balance again.

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How to Get More Clarity in Your Life

Overthinking, Get Clarity. Simple Techniques to Understand and Master Your Thinking for a Better Life. Build Healthy Habits, Change Your Mindset and Manifest Your Dreams.

by Lisa Macallen

Get Clarity book


Life can sometimes overwhelm us at such a rapid pace, getting any form of clarity can feel like a relief. For an overthinker building, daily habits can make all the difference. Get Clarity is a book designed for people who are looking for daily guidance and support. Work on using these various techniques to build a stronger mindset towards a happier and clearer future.

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Books on Mindfulness & Gratitude

Books on Mindfulness & Gratitude are among hot topics circling the last few years. The way we live out each day has something to say about our wellbeing and personal evolvement. Here are our recommended reads for uplifting the soul.

Relationship Book for Couples

Heal your Heart, Build Trust & Better Connections to Deepen Your Bond in a Relationship. Simple Ways to Improve Your Communication, Self-Awareness & Emotional Intelligence.

by Ahlia Rose

Successful relationships begin with knowing what you want, having help for couples
self-awareness, and understanding your relationship patterns.
If you’re looking to restore your relationship, then this book provides
practical advice on:

· How to love yourself and hold meaningful connections.

· Coping with past events such as the aftermath of a Toxic Relationship,
including Co-Dependancy and Narcissistic behaviors.

· And how to mend a broken heart to have a fulfilling relationship.

An easy-to-read guidebook that discusses the essential changes in our
relationships with the top issues to avoid.

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How to Cope With Anxiety

Anxiety a Beginners Guide

A Simple and Effective Pocket Guide With Ways To Overcome Isolation and Loneliness.

by Ahlia Rose

overcome anxietyChances are you have experienced feeling anxious, or have had negative emotions.

This pocket guide is designed to be a quick reference to keep your anxiety & overwhelming feelings at bay.

It provides simple techniques, as well as viewpoints to encourage you along the way. Everything makes a difference, the foods you eat, exercise, your routine & state of mind.

This book is suitable for young & older adults, looking for natural remedies on how to cope with stressful situations.

Buy this book today to find your inner peace at a glance!

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Poetry Books and Self-love Reads

Self-Love Poetry for HSP

2 books in 1: A positive guide helping you to overcome Anxiety, Loneliness & Low Self-Esteem. Pep talks, affirmations, quotes & mindfulness advice.

by Ahlia Rose

This book is designed to help keep you grounded and reassured poetry books
to stay on the path of love & gratitude. It offers natural ways to
overcome unwanted emotions while asking you to embrace internal
dialogue to transform old habits.

A great bedside read for when you feel you need some encouragement
or self-love, with beautiful illustrations and words of wisdom. It includes
Anxiety A beginner’s Guide & Mindfulness, Thoughts & Words.
An encouraging guide if you are looking for a friendly mentor to help you cope when you feel down.

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Mindfulness Thoughts & Words

A Pocket Guide For Highly Sensitive Souls. Affirmation Words To Help keep You Grounded. Overcome Self-Doubt, Negative Thoughts, and Emotions.

by Ahlia Rose

poetry book on mindfulnessStart your day with self-love and reset your negative thought patterns. Enlighten your mood and focus on your abundance.

Motivate yourself every day by picking a random page and reading it. With time you will increase your confidence & self-esteem as these words have a positive effect on your overall thinking.

With Lovely illustrated pictures & wise words, this book is the pep-talk everyone needs to hear.

Inspire yourself or someone else, buy this book Now to start a grounding journey.

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Gratitude Diaries and Journals for Women

Let’s face it, we all love a great girly journal. A safe place to write down our thoughts or express our ideas on paper. Planet Intuition has come up with two wonderful journals for women currently available on Amazon.

Wreck This Journal, A Creative Journal for Women

by Planet Intuition
journal for women

Ready to do some damage? This Wreck-it journal for creative Adults has s a sharp and sophisticated design, but don’t let that fool you.

Inside you’ll find many unique creative ways to express yourself and unleash your creative genius.

Stick it, make it, write it, draw it, paint it, type it, design it, you name it!

With wonderful graphics, fonts, and unique ideas to express yourself, you’ll love working on these tasks for hours!!

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Gratitude Journal, A Beautiful Journal for Creative Writers.
by Planet Intuition

gratitude journal for women

Gratitude journal, A Beautiful Journal for Creative Writers is designed to
help encourage creativity and mindfulness. This beautifully designed journal book for women is a self-exploration journal dedicated to those who seek to maintain a positive grateful attitude. With 184 pages of colour, writing tasks, goal-setting features, and everything you want in a Woman’s journal.

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