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Leading into 2020 has brought much awareness around our environment and the effect humans are having on our planet. There are many ways to lead an eco-friendly lifestyle, so here are some simple tips put together below.

The choices we make every day have an impact on our planet. By living eco-friendly, each one of us can reduce our carbon footprint.

The key factor is to stay ahead of products and brands that are leading the way. As the consumer you have power in the decisions you make. For example, I choose not to buy anything that is made from polyester. There are many chemicals used to create the manmade fabric and when it comes to the environment, it’s a big no, no!  According to a great article on polyester it takes about 20 to 200 years for polyester to decompose. Something to think about when you are shopping online or in store.  Keep yourself aware by checking the garments fabric composition labels.

We can all take small steps towards leading a more sustainable lifestyle, through education we can change our habits to better our environment. Sometimes we feel so helpless and insignificant, but really if we all do our bit, every step towards living an eco-friendly lifestyle helps.

Even though we may not be the one who designs a product, it all ends with us, the consumers. We are the ones responsible for purchasing and putting our waste back into the planet. By changing how we think, each and every one of us can make an environmental impact.

Gone are the days of turning a blind eye because like it or not, all actions have a consequence on our planet and wellbeing. Not to mention on our future generations.

Here are some simple ways one single person can reduce the amount of waste they produce

Go back to the good old-fashioned way by using bar soap. This helps reduce the amount of plastic being produced and can also be a healthy soap alternative to using a chemical based liquid soap.

Recycle as much as you can. This one can also be confusing not knowing what can actually be recycled. Here are a list of items and websites that might be useful. For example, do you know that places like Aldi recycle batteries? Ikea recycles old light bulbs and so on. So next time you go to throw something in the bin, research alternate ways to dispose of it. Check out Planet Ark for more recycling tips.

Don’t use plastic toothbrushes. This one should be compulsory now days. A frightening thought is that almost every single person in the world owns a toothbrush. As of October 2019, there were 7.7 billion people on the planet. Most of these people have a toothbrush made of plastic and this gets changed every 3-6 months, do the math. There are alternatives like Bamboo toothbrushes and even electric toothbrushes that offer more environmentally friendly alternatives.

Another handy tip for the ladies is to buy biodegradable pads or tampons. I started this one years ago and have never looked back. They do cost a little more, however are much better for you and the environment.  

Shout out to the mums who buy nappies, purchasing biodegradable nappies will not only benefit baby but help our planet. There are great articles on disposable nappies you can read and judge for yourself. Nevertheless, plastic throw away nappies are full of harmful nasties. Buying reusable nappies can help reduce the amount of waste in our environment.

If you love gelato, like me, then this one is for you. Don’t take the plastic spoon you are given. Ask for a biodegradable option like a paddle pop stick or go without and opt for a cone so you can enjoy your sweet treat guilt free.

Our favourite hot beverage coffee, is having a huge impact on our planet. Did you know on average it takes about 100 years for a coffee cup to decompose completely? It is the plastic lining that, although used once can last well over a lifetime. By using coffee keep cups were ever possible, we can help reduce our carbon footprint, while still enjoying our coffee.

Ditch the glad wrap and opt for eco-friendly lifestyle products like BPA free reusable containers or eco-friendly silicone food covers.

Now that we have removed plastic shopping bags from our grocery stores, we should also be eliminating the plastic rubbish bag. You can buy biodegradable rubbish bags, most supermarkets should stock them too.

Another eco-friendly lifestyle tip is to be mindful when sorting the rubbish. Take note of what you are throwing in the bin. Educate yourself on other products that may use more effective packaging or materials the next time you shop.

Grow your own produce. It shouldn’t take something like Covid-19 to set alarm bells off. Growing your own garden can be a great alternate to getting organic, fresh food. This can be as small as having fresh herbs or dedicating a veggie patch and teaching your children to grow things. If you live in a block of apartments creating a communal garden can be a great way to share the responsibility and meet your neighbours.

For anyone building or renovating a home, research ways to make your home as eco-friendly and energy efficient as possible. Buying energy efficient appliances and using eco-friendly building materials, will not only give your home character, but it will be kind on the environment.

Recycle your clothes and old bed linen fabrics. Donating to charities is great, but just be mindful they also have a disposable process. This is why it’s important to consider buying natural fabrics. Here is an article on the types of fabrics to avoid. And this is also a great read on being a mindful shopper.

As we work together as a community we can encourage one another and educate our future generations. By being responsible for our own waste, we can all make a huge difference to the planet as a whole.

It is great to see more new businesses take the lead and ‘think’ more environmentally friendly. Being eco-friendly is a big part of our future and I think a business concepts need to contribute to improving our planet.

As we all enjoy our planet and use its resources, it is our responsibility to improve our own daily habits. Instead of feeling helpless and insignificant, let’s work towards leading a better eco-friendly lifestyle. Whether it is changing your daily practices or simply sharing information and educating yourself and others. Small steps everyday can make a big difference towards a better, cleaner and healthier planet.

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