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Are you an empath? Often introverted empaths can feel others’ emotions and energy as if they are your own. They require more time to recharge and crave time alone, finding it difficult not to absorb these frequencies. Therefore, they can be continually searching for their place in the world as they feel like they don’t fit in.

Let’s face it, life’s hard enough right? Just trying to get by in society without these extra sensitivities. However, empaths also have the ability to be able to connect with others on a more emotional and spiritual level.

While each empath can be quite unique, some of the things you may experience could be;

  • Waking up at odd hours
  • Apologizing for things all the time
  • Feeling like you tread on eggshells around peoples emotions
  • Being lonely, lost, or misunderstood

Signs You May be an Empath

So, you think you may be an empath, here are some of the key indicators to look for;

  • You have heightened intuition, often led by your gut feelings
  • You love being by nature as it helps fill your energy and keeps you grounded
  • People tend to feel comfortable confiding in you
  • Highly sensitive senses, whether it is to sound or smell, you’re known as a wolf
  • You are always giving and love to help people. So you generally find it hard to set boundaries or say no to others
  • You are emotionally affected by your surroundings and it can easily disrupt your internal world
  • It helps when you have time alone to process your feelings as you quickly become overwhelmed
  • You are constantly feeling tired as you are drained of energy but just being
  • You’re bored regularly and need stimulation
  • You may possess psychic abilities or visions through dreams or your mind’s eye

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The Importance of Self-Worth for an Empath

An Empaths’ internal voice can have a detrimental effect on their well-being. This is why it is so vital for them to be surrounded by a positive mindset. What is happening in the external world can quickly become their internal world, forcing them to sink deeper into quicksand.

Ahlia Rose is an experienced empath and intuitive guide who knows this all too well. She exclaims the most important thing is for an empath to work on their self-esteem and confidence.

Empaths feel they need to prove to the world their value, especially in a relationship. This is why they can find themselves in relationships that are narcissistic.

Ahlia shares her personal journey in her book ‘Awaken to Your Truth’. Essentially it is a guide aimed at learning to develop your gift and trust yourself. She goes on a quest in search of herself traveling abroad and explains the transformation that takes place. It’s like an Eat, Pray, Love for sensitive souls. Evolved empaths will relate to the content in this book and find it a pleasurable read, so, this one comes highly recommended. With the author’s permission, here is a short excerpt from the book.

Books on being an Empath

Here is a short excerpt from one of her books.

“Searching for my happiness in romantic relationships, I placed other’s needs before mine, my confidence and self-worth took a beating time after time. Doing things to help others frequently, I set myself in an invaluable category where I felt powerless over situations. Growing up, I attracted relationships where men couldn’t commit or would treat me poorly, and this all had to do with my sense of worth. As an empath, I put my partner’s emotions before my own, and the encouragement meant for me generally went to them.”

“It was always easier to believe in others and their dreams. I never quite saw my potential when it came to me. As I grew older and wiser, I embraced doing things differently; it was my path to discovering who I was. Even though at times, I felt like the world had me pinpointed as an outcast. It was exhausting not trying to absorb the energies of those around me, and I always felt and I always felt utterly drained from just existing.”

“I questioned maybe these things never came into my life because I didn’t deserve them or that I was just unlucky. Going through very turbulent and challenging times, I had to look in the mirror and face myself to understand what my heart truly wanted from this life. I discovered I had to value myself before allowing anyone or anything of value. Even if I tried to envision good things for myself. It seemed that a horrible voice inside was always around, ready to pounce on any of my dreams.” __ Ahlia Rose; Awaken to Your Truth.


Ways to Protect Your Energy

Some simple tips to keep your energy positive could be;

  • Don’t watch commercial TV as a way to relax if there is a negative or tragedy shown, instead select a movie with meaning
  • Learn to set your boundaries and say no to things you don’t want to do
  • Create a routine or space of solitude to recharge yourself
  • Please make yourself aware of the people or things that drain you; it could be crowded places or a negative family member
  • Prevent yourself from thinking negatively, self-chatter is important
  • Connect with nature, by using a grounding technique
  • Allow your emotions to flow, don’t try to suppress them
  • Make time for you to do the things you enjoy, respect yourself foremost

Discovering how to cope as an Empath

For empaths or sensitive souls still discovering themselves or looking to learn more about their gift, Ahlia’s first book Follow Your North Node’ is for you. Here you’ll find topics such as how to set boundaries and better techniques to understand yourself. She explores many tools an empath can use to cope in the world and shares her firsthand experience from toxic relationships. Get the Follow your North Node Audible version.


Your North Node has to do with lessons meant to be learned this lifetime, and astrology is one of the tools used for empaths to better understand themselves. This is a different approach to an empath’s lifestyle using modern theories or techniques, including astrology. Spirituality & empath gifts are also something Ahlia is familiar with as she opens up to reveal her psychic abilities. Take a look inside Follow Your North Node purchase on audio and check out our review on Youtube.

Ahlia Rose empath book

Here are just some of the things other readers are saying about this book.

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Ahlia Rose Empath book reivew

Empath book by Ahlia Rose

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