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There are many benefits of travel and the changes during restrictions, have shifted our lives dramatically. Travel allows us to feel at peace in the world and allows us to experience freedom. It stops us in our tracks and brings us back to the very basics and present moment in life. As we discover more about ourselves and the world of culture and beauty that surrounds us, the act of travel can invoke a sense of having the world at our feet.

It seems that so many of us have struggled with the idea of being bound to our surroundings. As any travel bug would be experiencing a great sense of loss of freedom at this time, it is only natural for the restrictions to have a deep and lasting impact on humans.

Benefits of Travel

There are many wonderful benefits of travel. It can enrich your lives in ways that no other experience can. Travel allows you to learn without evening knowing, by watching and experiencing being in another country surrounded by a different language, unique food, and local customs. When we travel, we are likely to part-take in more risky activities or push ourselves into challenging situations that force us to grow. This is mainly because we feel at ease, relaxed, and go with the flow. It is no doubt that travel can help encourage you to re-center and connect with yourself on a new level. Having to trust your judgment, navigation, and communication skills. If something is likely to go wrong, like a change of plan, it forces you to look beyond your means to problem solve and take care of yourself. It is this kind of skill that is valuable in life. And of course, what better way to learn and trust than while your mind is open.

Research also shows that travel can help build confidence, makes you wiser, more open-minded, and helps to improve your interpersonal and tolerance skills.

The Changes During Travel Restrictions

Speaking from personal experience and after talking to many of my passionate traveling buddies, it seems that this travel bubble has left us feeling a little depressed.

Understandably the world is in a situation where its leaders have no idea how to cope with this pandemic, apart from trial and error. Vaccines, you agree to them or not, bring up the question if there will be any justification behind getting it, then having the freedom to travel without restriction?

As it has many various strains, seen from previous reports, can we control how it transforms from one person to another?

So many questions, with few answers and I, can say it’s a sensitive topic for most people and travellers alike. The truth is we have all lost a bit of faith in our government, the medical practice, and our leaders as a whole. The media continues to feed us with information, but how true are the statistics, when no one seems to have answers?

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The Real Issues Caused by Covid

Let’s face it, I am only sharing a viewpoint and it is not to say that it is right or wrong, but what about some of the real issues that seem to be affecting all of us right now?

Unemployment or loss of income

Depression and mental health concerns

Loss of freedom

Peaked anxiety

Lack of human interaction and socialising

Missing family and friends near and far

Emotional exhaustion due to an imbalance in lifestyle

Concern or uncertainty about the future

Prolonged surgery or illness being affected

Feeling restricted, controlled, or undervalued as a human being

The rise in domestic abuse and violence as well as marital issues

People feeling the pressure to conform to a certain way

Lack of trust in the systems that are meant to support us

How is it that the media doesn’t report these issues and the deaths due to suicide, depression, or mental health? It is paramount that we nurture our children and young teenagers who may be experiencing an extra challenging time.

One article reports that More than 42% of people surveyed by the US Census Bureau in December reported symptoms of anxiety or depression in December, an increase from 11% the previous year. Of course, depending on where you live in the world your situation will vary however it isn’t to say that people are all over the world being affected by the restrictions of this pandemic.

Ways for Travellers to Find Some Relief During Travel Restrictions

If you are deeply feeling affected by the changes during restrictions, ease your pain by staying hopeful. Try to lose some time in experiences that can bring you joy, these could be;

  • Reading an adventure novel, a book on travel, to enrich your mind and prepare you for your next adventure. We recommend these travel books Italy La Dolce Vita, and The Blue Odyssey Your travel guide to Greece. Both by author Rose Letti.
  • Flick through your past adventure photo’s, read your old travel diary or blog, and let yourself relive your adventures
  •  Host a small dinner party; I know this is possible in Australia. Invite a few people around and make an international night with various cuisines everyone brings. Otherwise, you can have a Skype party with a group of people from your couch. Eat together while sharing your travel stories and places of interest.
  • Travel local if you can. Plan a weekend away somewhere new. Go for a hike and get lost in nature for a while.
  • Explore and educate yourself by viewing a travel documentary or history flick.
  • Watch your favourite travel film we suggest some of these all-time great travel movies;

Under the Tuscan Sun

The secret life of Walter Mitty

Only You

The Motorcycle Diaries



Life of Pi

Out of Africa

Midnight in Paris and many other travel films

Italy by rose letti Greece travel guide by rose letti

Are you a traveller struggling with restrictions? Reach out to us and comment on your tips down below.

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