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There are many good books parents should read. That’s why maybe when you first become parents all parents before you are always willing to give you advice, even if it is unwanted? You’re not alone in feeling that parenting can have its difficulties. There will be times when you feel you have succeeded and others failed. As a parent, there is the pressure to teach your children without projecting your feelings upon them.

First-time parents can feel fragile. Being told what you must or must not do just adds to the stress parents feel. Sure, you already feel a sense of inadequacy learning the ropes, however, with some time your confidence and your instinct will be strong enough to reject all else.

You learn to trust yourself as you get to know your child. Each child has a unique personality and not everything works for everyone. Many people will chant “don’t spoil your kids by letting them do that” or “you’re just creating bad habits by…” At the end of it, kids just need to feel loved and comforted and that looks different for each child.

There’s lots of information out there and many great books parents can read to help give you some support and improve your skills. Reading these can make you feel more secure in knowing others have walked the path you are currently undergoing.

 Here are four books that you should consider reading if you are a parent.


Reading for Parents 

Do This! Not That!

Anna Glas & Åse Teiner

From Sweden, the Authors met and decided to open their parent coaching studio. The book is an easy entertaining read sharing parenting experiences while providing support and guidance.

 This book will make you feel more at ease with the emotions you experience as parents while teaching you to trust yourself. It consists of short stories with problems and shows the resolutions to the issues.

The Wonder Weeks

By Hetty Van de Rijt PHD (co-authored)

This book claims to be a stress-free guide to your baby’s behavior, which can be helpful for new parents. It discusses the brain development leaps your child may be experiencing, therefore is a method to explain their behavior. Is your child clingy or more cranky than usual or have they just mastered a new skill?

The book gives you a look at what could be happening to your child during certain weeks of age. Parents can find this comforting to have some relative information on why their child is fussy. Overall, it will make you have a bit more patience and compassion for your little one as they grow and develop experiencing all the new things this world has to offer.


Ideal Books for New Mums 

Mama Rising

By Amy Taylor Kabbaz

Okay, so this one is focused more on mama but in saying that the book is good at describing what a new mum feels and is faced with. For that reason, we have added it to our list. Amy explains the importance of acknowledging the transition you go through to become a new mother. After all, it is mainly the role of the mother who becomes the nurturer and takes on most of the role as the carer.

This book will provide you with much relief and an honest voice that speaks within. It is another mother or friend who feels and understands you, your thoughts, and some of the things you may be experiencing. 

Strong Mothers, Strong Sons

By Meg Meeker

Meg dives right into the connection mothers have with their sons, how they bond, and ultimately what all little boys need, love. A mother is their first love and the connection they share has extreme importance. As boys grow they change and their bond shifts Meg explains how that connection still needs to be there no matter what.

Reading this book will make you feel honored to be a mother to a little boy. It will give you wholesome practical advice on how to nurture your son throughout his life for him to have successful connections with others. All mothers with sons should read this one.
Of course, there are many other great books parents can read on various topics. Have you read a great book on parenting or for parents raising children? Comment below and share your experience.

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