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Need to buy a gift for a special mother. Here are five useful gifts for a new mum that she will greatly appreciate. With May just around the corner and Mother’s Day a time to cherish our new mums, and the important role they play in our lives.

Nobody prepares or can explain the rollercoaster ride that motherhood brings. It entails constant challenges, joyous heartfelt moments, and many sleepless nights. For many mothers, life is never the same as they try to adapt to the changing scene. You kind of wonder what you did with all your spare time pre-baby.

The appreciation you have for your mother expands once you become a mum yourself because it is so difficult to understand until you are in the thick of things. Raising children is a skill you need to educate yourself on and there is so much to experience.

That is why Mother’s Day should be celebrated every day. Many times mums show up learning, teaching, and being the support network of everyone else except herself.

Five Useful Gifts to Buy New Mums

So when it comes to thoughtful gifts, here are five useful gifts to buy a new mum;

Wonder Weeks Book is a great guide for new mums, the book helps understand the different developmental stages your baby goes through. It will help explain why the baby is crying, clingy or cranky at different growth stages. Its findings can be a relief for a new mama as it helps to explain your baby’s brain developmental stages and learnings. Therefore helps mums to understand and have more patience with bub.

Gro Bear is more for baby than mum, but it helps to aid baby is going to sleep, therefore useful for mum. It comes in various characters and has a night light with four soothing sounds including white noise, heartbeat, and a lullaby. Creating a nightly routine with sounds can help babies sleep better and make them feel safer and more familiar.

Thermometers for babies are an essential item most Mothers need from the time baby is born until children are toddlers. Prices can vary so shop around for one that is easy to use and has good reviews by Mothers who have tested them.

Nappies, water wipes, face washers, and bibs are ongoing items all new Mothers require. There are various brands on the market and depending on your baby size these need to be tested. We found Huggies a good brand for bigger babies and Aldi nappies better for smaller-sized babies.

new mums gift ideas

A Perfect Mother’s Day

A spa or massage or hair voucher is the perfect gift for Mothers. This is mainly to do with the fact that mama never has any time for herself anymore. They spend so much time and energy on growing their children to be strong that mums need a break from time to time to focus on themselves. It will be something she will appreciate and will help make her feel good about herself. After all, being a mum is one of the hardest challenges in life a woman will ever experience.

Learning your new role as a mother is hard and rewarding and no one is more deserving of your thoughts than a mum. There are many other great gifts to buy a new mum and they could be books on parenting, Honouring Motherhood, or anything that gives mama a break. It could be getting food vouchers such as Marley Spoon. You could also shower a new mum with a hand helping with the household or babysitting bub, all of which only costs you some of your time.


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