Setting long term goals

Is short-term gratification ruining us? That immediate pleasure you feel produces a quick dopamine fix, but does it keep you happy in the long run? Being in a society of instant gratification has many downfalls. We are accustomed to having what we want instantly. This has made us so spoilt we, therefore, feel discouraged about working towards long-term goals.

Just like food takes time to grow and harvest, so does the circle of life lessons. Things take time to teach us many vital lessons for survival.
More importantly, what is this short-term gratification pattern teaching our children?

Social media and advertising consume us with a lifestyle we feel pressured to have to make us happy. But don’t be fooled it’s a trap. A quick fix isn’t always the answer. Many of us use buying as a form of short-term gratification, but we know it doesn’t last, and this is why we repeat it over again.

So, how do we kick this habit that is eating into our wallets while keeping us from feeling fulfilled?

Time to Make a Change in Direction

Short-term gratification can be good, however, in moderation. It helps us get through every day while striving for more. For example; you were allowing yourself a treat, like a piece of cake, after a long day at work. But take that same treat and eat it every day, and it doesn’t mean much anymore, does it?

If you know you are addicted to quick fixes and short-term gratification, then it is time to assess your lifestyle habits. What are you genuinely desiring, and how can you work towards having a long-term goal that will be gratifying.

goal planningSet Up a Plan for the Long-term

Set a direction for what is essential. Maybe buying a house or working towards a career change. Finding a suitable partner or having a family.

Make a plan for what you desire, as hard as it may seem right now. Think of small ways you can save towards your house or get the skills you need for that new career. Focus on positive outcomes. You may need to fake it initially.
Each day work towards this goal, even if it is very tiny small steps. At the end of the year, you will see your achievement. Good things take time.

Long-term goal setting will help you feel inspired to work towards something that is deeply fulfilling. That is not to say there will not be other things you will want. It will just give you a sense of accomplishment and gratitude to be able to work towards something that takes time.

Missing the Big Picture

Allowing ourselves and our children to work towards bigger long-term goals teaches us many lessons. Patience, things rarely happen right away, and appreciating the process and journey of learning and growing. Next time you seek instant gratification, ask yourself why? Can you put the monies towards something else more valuable? What are the recurring issues, for example, address the void feeling that drives you to buy more or have more?

Why You Should be Aiming for Long-Term Happiness

Retraining ourselves and our future generations to live a peaceful and slow lifestyle has many benefits. Wanting more and needing it right away will only encourage poor quality and quantity, especially in our food sources. A life where we appreciate that things take time and respect the process can be more fulfilling and rewarding. Balance short-term and long-term goals will bring the best results. After all, the beautiful things in life take time.

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