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Natural beauty products have made a niche for themselves. But the price we pay for something that claims to be natural, isn’t always the case. Some brands may use organic, eco-friendly and natural as marketing techniques.

This means it is up to the consumer to check that it is what it claims to be. Knowing this led us to look at three alternate natural beauty products that you can switch to. Here are the benefits for each one and why you should make the change.

Is Henna hair colour better for you?

There are many stories about the benefits of henna hair colour and if it’s better for you. Naturally Henna produces an orange-red tone. With coffee or cloves added to change the tone. It is not damaging like chemical hair colours are. And apparently, it gets rid of dandruff and lice and will actually strengthen your hair from split ends. Although you’ll have to be more patient when applying henna colour to your hair, there are a few of the cons in regards to using henna colour.  Check out the tips when it comes to purchasing henna colour for your hair.

Using shea butter to moisture

Shea butter has been called a superfood. It is extracted from the nut of a Shea tree found in West Africa. Known to treat a number of skin conditions including add moisture, reduce inflammation, stretch marks and wrinkles. Shea butter is a natural moisturiser for your skin, hair or lips. It is great for making body scrubs or beauty products and best of all its additive free. Shop organic shea butter for a natural chemical free moisturiser. Some of the other benefits of Shea butter include collagen boosting production, it helps prevent acne and can help soothe sunburn.


Essential oils for your fragrance

Did you know fragrances are an additive? Fragrances can derive from a combination of synthetic made substances, known as petrochemicals. This is why switching to essential oils have become increasingly popular.

It’s important to use less essential oils on your skin, as they will enhance your mood and for this they can effect children, pregnant women and pets. Essential oils should only be used externally and you can read more about essential oils and they how work.

natural beauty products

Lavender helps to relax and relieve stress, helping you to sleep better. Can assist with cramping and minor sinus congestion.

Chamomile used to improve your mood and relax.

Ylang-Ylang treats headaches, nausea and some skin conditions.

Lemon can aid in digestion and mood, boost immunity, circulation and can help treat bug bites.

Tea Tree oil can assist with acne, nail fungus and warts.

Peppermint boosts energy and can help with sinus congestion and improve respiratory function

Here is a full list of essential oils and their purpose 

Natural make up alternatives

Did you know back in Roman times Kohl was the main ingredient in eye make up? Composed of ash, antimony and soot, saffron was added to it to cover the smell. Roman women’s skin care consisted of beauty masks made from lanolin, plants, seeds, marrow, bile and even excrement.

Today there are natural make up alternatives to choose from that are non-toxic. Chemical free make up brands are seeking more natural alternative ingredients. Here are some of the best natural beauty products and reviews according to one Australian site.

Natural beauty products

Inika Organic is a popular option for natural make up mineral powder. With reusable make up pads as a way of helping the environment.

In conclusion it is always a good idea to check the ingredients in all products you consider purchasing. By doing so you can create a demand as a consumer for better naturally made products.

For more information on natural alternatives and beauty products review our additive free post.

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