COVID-19 virus has thrown the world into a frenzy. With countries around the world trying to avoid the spread by going into lockdown. People are being forced to look at life from a different perspective, which is changing the future of how we live. 

The shift taking place on our Planet

Humans have so much distraction, we are so busy that we don’t seem to make time to focus on the bigger picture. If anything maybe this virus will make us look at life and the world we live in differently. Being forced to slow down and assess what is really important to us.

This is the time where we are being asked to look at how we are reacting, it’s also a time when we can transform. Just take a look at how some of us were living before the virus, what were our priorities? Our perception on what is valuable has changed so quickly in the last few months. Taking it all back to the basics of life, living healthy, freely and comfortably.

How people cope with the challenge of living in lockdown and what are the effects, especially in countries like Italy, where socialising is part of the culture. 
During this very powerful time, if you are feeling powerless, realise that this is an opportunity for humans to come together and change our future.

We have been forced to slow down so we can look at our lives and make the things that matter to us a priority. Everyday our actions are affecting the people around us and the future of our next generations. Humans have lost touch with their human aspect and unfortunately we have all become mirrors for one another.

Anxiety, stress and depression have become the rising factors that we live with in our daily lives. Mainly because have become more robotic than humane. More time poor instead of appreciative and more materialistic than living with what is necessary. When did greed become more important than being able to help one another by having enough to go around?

How the Coronavirus is having an effect on the environment

In December 2017 Milan and Turin where cities with some of the worst pollution in Europe according to an article in World nomads. It’s no surprise the air quality has since improved dramatically in this time when people have remained in lockdown.

Venice water canals are cleaner with pollution levels lifting, giving the planet a chance to breathe. This seems to be happening in many cities all around the world. If you are curious like I was, check out the global pollution levels today in your local city.

Each day our planet provides us with so much we seem to take for granted. With today’s information, technology and human power, we can all do our bit however, if we continue to live ignorantly it will only have consequences on our future health and generations.

Changing the future of our habits

Wouldn’t it be great for those who can work from home could continue to. It would help reduce the commute and pollution in our cities. People who have started to plant their own food, can now appreciate the time that it takes to grow and nurture their food before cooking and eating it. Being forced to live more simply has made some changes to our routine. Although like many, I miss my freedom and hugging my friends but I only think it will make me appreciate these things more.

Maybe we are being asked to raise ourselves and the planet to a whole new consciousness? Those who understand can see it’s not happening to us rather it is happening for us, to shake us up. When this coronavirus passes, I wonder if most of us will look back and say this was the moment when something clicked. I can only hope, like most of you, that from this we all learn valuable lessons. And that these lessons help manifest into creating a better planet to live on. Hopefully one where we appreciate one another more with more kindness and compassion. 

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