Are you questioning everything you are doing? If you’re hoping to find clarity in your life hopefully this article will help. I will share with you some simple steps on how to focus better.

Clarity is important as it gives us a sense of peace and confidence in ourselves. We are more motivated in life when we learn how to focus. Taking small steps in the right direction each day helps us evolve into who we are meant to be, giving us a sense of purpose.

It can be difficult trying to focus in a world where we are bombarded with information by so many different sources. We push aside our intuition and emotions because we don’t have the time or energy to explore them. Facing our feelings and fears seems to be the one thing most people avoid. However, once we understand these then we can work on addressing the issues.

Clarity in beliefs and values

It is important to understand the basics in order to find more clarity in your life and the explanation for lack of clarity could stem back to our own computer programming. Otherwise known as our conditioning.

As humans, we all hold core values and beliefs, most of which have been embedded in us at a young age.

Our beliefs and values control our thoughts and actions

This is why it is so important to understand our own beliefs and values in order to gain more clarity and perspective in our lives.

Our beliefs can stem from real experiences or things that we believe to be true. We use beliefs to interpret information that makes it easier to process things we may not have answers for.
This is why once they are embedded in us that it can be very difficult to change our beliefs.

Our beliefs are interwind with our perception of ourselves, therefore if we lack confidence or self-esteem it can cause us to have a distorted sense of clarity, which can make it more difficult for us to reach our life goals.

Value relates to what is important to us. These values are influenced by internal and external things relating to our morals and conduct, basically, it’s how we act.

Our values are generally created from;

  • Culture
  • Family
  • Life experiences, such as relationships, health, etc.
  • Our environment, where you live in the world, and what kind of life you have been exposed to.
  • Religion
  • Technology
  • Your workplace or career path
  • The internet and media and what’s happening in the world such as with Covid-19

Finding clarity removing mental blockages

Did you know your inner conflict between our values and beliefs could be stopping you from succeeding in life?
For example, you may really want to achieve financial freedom, but you lack belief in your skills and talents to achieve this. Past experiences may be justifying your failures in achieving financial freedom.
Things people have said or life lessons learned may have been so instilled in our belief system without us even realising.

As humans, we readily accept things we are told rather than question them for ourselves. This is why we tend to learn most of our beliefs as children.

Having a subconscious belief that we are not worthy leaves us feeling defeated. Our energy becomes split between a hearts-desire i.e. value and what our mind is telling us i.e. our belief.

Slowing down to listen to your intuition and feelings is very important when you are trying to find clarity in your life. There is so much information we try to process daily that our brain filters out through that we don’t allow time for ourselves to think.
That is why changing daily habits can contribute dramatically to your lifestyle and reaching your goals.

Simply making a decision to swap scrolling on social media in the evening for a 20-minute yoga or meditation session, can bring more focus.

We are always looking for the easy way to do things, where we don’t have to think too much, but the easy way isn’t always the most effective way.

Exercising can help release stress and increase good endorphins in the body, as well as help better connect your mind, body, and soul. It allows us to move the body, be outdoors, and switch off our minds.

How to live a focused life

When we understand what makes us who we are we can look at your values and beliefs and question them without fear. If you haven’t successfully reached where you hoped to be, you may need to reassess your beliefs in order to reach your goal.

I remember the turning point in my own life where I was forced to slow down. Although it definitely was not an easy thing to do. I had to be honest with what I wanted from my life and what needed to be done to achieve this. I questioned a generation of manuscripts inscribed into my parents’ brains and handed on me.
Only to realise that my own beliefs were different.
With changes happening in the world my instilled beliefs where no longer of value to me, so I had to set new ones. If I truly believed that I lived an abundant life then I had to understand why I wasn’t hitting my life goals.

Slowing down

I gained more clarity in my life once I decided to make myself a priority. I set aside more time to listen to my intuition by beginning meditation and setting positive affirmations in order to build my new belief system.

Part of the process is to let your emotions flow. Don’t try to suppress things you are feeling because they are too difficult or because you do not have all the answers. When feelings arise, have the courage to explore this deeper if self-doubt arises to continue to ask yourself why, till you understand more about yourself.

It is easy to miss forms of communication that we may be receiving.

These can come in many forms, through reoccurring dreams, numbers, songs, or symbols, that can easily be missed. By trying to be more mindfully aware of what is happening around us and looking at the bigger picture, it might shift our perspective of life.

There was a time in my life where I was stuck in a cycle that involved spending 3 hours a day commuting to and from work. My day began leaving my house at 7.30 am and returning home just before eight in the evening. During this period of time, I kept seeing the number 9:11 on the clock. Emotionally I was exhausted, stuck in my routine but I couldn’t see a way out. I needed to make drastic changes however didn’t know how?  Listening to my emotions, I realised what I valued was ‘time.’ Once I set the intention, new doors opened up for me.

Steps to finding your clarity

Start with analysing what you want.

What lifestyle and outcome do you strive to create in your life? What are you passionate about? Helping people, teaching, etc.

The second step is to know the purpose of why you want something. This will help motivate you towards your goal and paint a clear picture to focus on.

Once you are ready make a plan using small steps to reach your goals. Create daily steps towards your visions. They don’t need to be big, just consistent steps in the right direction.

Remember failing is part of the process, it teaches us to learn important lessons and allows us to change our plan to make it better

Then finally, take action. Once the plan is in place you will notice that you start to feel better and more focussed on the direction you are going. Action is required in order to make progress, small ripples are fine, it doesn’t have to be big waves of change.

It is also important to assess your achievements and acknowledge your progress. This is vital to keep you motivated and encourage you to keep going forward.

Tips to staying focussed

Be easy with yourself, don’t expect to get it right the first time, learning is part of the process. Test different methods, techniques until you find something that works for you.

Hold your vision, remember you don’t need to tell the world about your plan if you feel you will be judged or discouraged from your path. Confide in people who are supportive and uplifting towards the changes you want to make.

Stay inspired and keep disciplined by educating yourself. Watch videos, read books to open your mind, and network with people who can offer assistance and help you along the way.

Try not to get overwhelmed. You will gain more clarity in your life by staying positive and present in the moment while taking action in a strategic way. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither do you want your empire to be. Enjoy the ride.

Tasks for gaining clarity and focus

  1. Gather a friend or group either in person or online. Make a meeting time once a week to discuss what you have been working on and open the chat for ideas and inspiration. The energies you bounce off each other while brainstorming will leave you feeling inspired. Talking about your ideas can also help get clarity. When you put an idea out there it seems more grounded and forces you to take action.
  2. Allow time for quiet activities can silence your thoughts and open up space for answers to come. When we take our focus off answers we desperately want to receive to focus on a creative task we allow the flow of life to unfold.
  3. Create a healthy balance of work-life, relationships, and time for yourself. You know what they say, life happens when you are busy making plans. Allow time for you to enjoy yourself. When we make time for ourselves, our connections, and life plans, we feel more stable. Sure, it is normal to have days of self-doubt, but overall you will believe in what you are doing.
  4. Look internally for guidance. If you believe we are spiritual beings having a human experience, then you will know all about your higher self. The answers that we are all seeking are already inside us. Sometimes our busy minds can block the answers we need to hear. Write down the questions that you would like to receive answers to and review them knowing that they will come. When they do, don’t be afraid to act on them.
  5. Strengthen your belief in yourself by creating positive affirmations. When you can believe in your dreams and capabilities, you help to release any doubts you may have towards achieving these goals. Acknowledging the beliefs that are not serving you is the very first step towards gaining inner clarity. There are many ways to changing a belief system that is no longer serving you. You can try to use positive re-programming words before you go to sleep or writing and reading out aloud your own beliefs.

The key to success

The key is to create a habit by repeating this over a long period of time. At first, you will feel uncomfortable, but if you stick with it you will find that you will push through these feelings. After some time you will start to feel more positive and confident in yourself.

Be patient and kind to yourself. Adding unnecessary pressure on yourself to move forward will only stress you out. Make a plan and stick to it. In time what is meant to unfold in your life eventually will. That is with the right approach and effort.

The diagram shows how to simplify the steps in a nutshell.


Having clarity is power because once you realise what you want, then fifty percent of the work is done. When you put in place the right steps the process will present its self. Things will start to happen for you. You’ll meet the right people and find the right answers to your questions.

When you know who you are then your life purpose becomes clear. What you give energy to and focus on will grow. Have you ever noticed something you never gave attention to before, suddenly appears everywhere once you focus on it. That is because you have shifted your focus to think about it. By putting our focus towards our path it will gain momentum and clarity.

The best advice I can give is don’t be afraid to change and analyse the way you are thinking. It is not a form of weakness, rather a form of strength and courage. Questioning things in life is what leads to opening our minds. You may be your biggest obstacle through subconscious programmed beliefs and not even know it.

By implementing Strategies for gaining more clarity in your life you’ll feel happier and live your life with more intention. When we have clarity, it helps us to make better life decisions towards our goals. So, don’t be afraid to walk towards the goals of our heart and soul and believe that you can achieve them.

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