using meditation to heal

If you are looking at meditation for beginners then you have found the right article, although there are many guru’s out there, I will share my own experience with meditation. This is the honest and straight forward guide to meditating.

My journey with meditation began a few years ago. I started meditating to clear my mind from the negative chatter that went on inside my brain. I added a quick 10 minute a day routine to begin with. During these sessions my mind was nothing but clear. My thoughts took up all the space and it wasn’t relaxing at all. However, I was determined to persevere as I had read the many benefits of meditation. It took about a month of constant meditation to get to the point of silence. This also took some getting used to. Over the months my time went from 10 minutes to 20 minutes of meditation.

The benefits of meditation

I was hoping to make some long overdue changes in my life. As I thoughtfully wrote down my goals, I engulfed myself in books about the mind and subconscious. I worked to heal old patterns and behaviours that were not honouring me. Gradually I began to notice a change. The subconscious reprogramming was working. My thoughts were now positive, instead of beating myself up about not being good enough to try new things, my inner voice was encouraging. I learnt so much about myself and where all this “thought talk” had come from.
I began to look forward to my meditation time. There was a sense of peace growing inside me, regardless of whatever was happening outside my life. During my meditation I was listening to how I was feeling and it was having a positive effect on me. This was the start of me making time to nurture and honour myself as a loving human being.

Today, when I meditate, as soon as I lay down my whole body relaxes, as it already knows what to do. There are very few thoughts that come to mind and if they do, I just allow them space.
There are many different meditation apps, and YouTube has an abundance of meditation music. Its good to try a few different guided meditations, nature sounds, or positive affirmations and see which one you like best. Your preference over time will change, so don’t be afraid to mix it up.

The different types of meditation

There are so many types of meditation practices out there. Ultimately, they all serve a similar purpose. There is mindfulness meditation, Chakra meditation re-programming subconscious meditation and so on. However meditation can be found in many forms of activities such as walking in nature, or a mindfulness attitude towards a task. Some people love to cook, knit or do a creative task such as paint.

Meditation for beginners

If it’s your first time meditating then it’s important to find a style that works for you. Setting side a personal space and some time each day will help you build a healthy habit. Having a reason to meditate is a great motivator to keep you consistent. For example, what would you like to achieve through meditation? I wanted to quiet my mind to allow more inner peace. Find answers to why things were not really working in certain aspects of my life.
The purpose of meditation is different for everyone. Today I use meditation when I feel out of alignment or need to tap into my inner guidance.

Remember, if you are new to meditating it might not feel natural at first. But if you give it some time and allow the process to unfold, you may learn to love it. Maybe make it a starting point to try it for three weeks. There are so many forms of meditative tasks for different people. Perhaps you would prefer meditative walking, being in nature, gardening, reading, Thai Chi or Yoga. Just find the one that works for you, the investment you put into yourself will pay off many times over.

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