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Do you love to travel? Have you travelled through many continents, but seeking a unique travel experience? With more people traveling as a form of self-reflection and improvement, we thought this would be the perfect time for some travel inspiration.

Here we introduce some simple ways to travel in solitude with nature and disconnect from the chaotic world.

If you are a regular traveller, then you’re probably struggling like many, and myself craving freedom and adventure. Nevertheless, with a little courage and determination, our travel dreams and adventures will resume. Here are some simple travel experiences if you are looking for something different, from your regular tours and hotels.

Take a Long Walk

We recommend Camino de Santiago, Spain

Many spiritual seekers and walking enthusiasts looking for a unique experience may have heard of the Camino de Santiago. It is a pilgrimage walk starting in Saint Jean Pied-du-Port in France, that ends about 885 Km in the town of Santiago de Compostela in Northern Spain. This experience is a true test of your dedication, physical, and mental strength.

On the trail, you have the opportunity to meet other solos or paired travellers. And while most people like to walk alone, this is the opportunity to reflect and focus on the journey rather than the final destination. This type of travel allows you to be present and experience life simply. And living simply indeed, when you are carrying all your essentials on your back.

Here is a helpful site on what to pack for the Camino if you need a guide.

On average if you walk around 27Km a day it can take around 30-35 days to complete the walk. It all depends on your ability and the tracks you cover. Along the way are accommodation spots where you can grab a hot meal and rest your tired feet. There are many routes you can take, either way, you’ll want to ensure you are prepared with the proper gear. However, in busy times it is a good idea to book your stop in advance. For the best experience, ditch your phone and keep it for emergencies only, disconnect and focus on your path, each step at a time.


Do a Long Road Trip via Campervan

We recommend Uluru & Alice Springs, Australia’s Northern Territory

Escape to an open road, of red dirt and dry dessert, natural swimming holes, waterfalls, and wildlife. An experience to connect with mother nature and camp under a clear stary sky. Hire a campervan and go exploring, stop to have breakfast amongst wildlife and silence.

It doesn’t matter where you live, America, Canada, Asia, Europe this one can be done in your own backyard. And is family-friendly too!

In Australia’s North, you can explore Litchfield National Park and the Lost City. A forest of sandstone rock formations, as well as Kakadu National Park. You’ll marvel at the energy of the land and Australia’s famous Red Rock Uluru.
Uluru is 550 million years old and is a UNESCO World Heritage site. As it is a sacred place for indigenous Australians, out of respect, the rock should not be climbed.

If you have time to explore and want to connect to the earth then this is the perfect place. You’ll need a reliable vehicle and its preferrable you travel with others, to share the driving. There is something magical about seeing the red dirt for the first time.

unique travel experience

Commit to a Cause

There is no experience quite like feeling your travel adventure has touched the hearts of locals. Help to build a school or a small community, teach a language, help preserve wildlife, or commit to a cause you are passionate about.

Research any local charities or communities in your country and see where you can help out. Try something completely different from what you would regularly do. Either way, embrace the local customs, culture, and people you meet along the way. This only enhances your travel adventure, providing you with a new take on life.

Options could be participating in a Workaway program in Europe; help someone develop a sustainable or eco-friendly home or spend some time getting to know a family and teach them English. Best of all you’ll probably learn and challenge yourself in new ways you never imagined.

unique travel experience

Embrace the simple pleasures that life has to offer, weekends away with friends, solo travel adventures, being on the open road, hiking, and connecting with nature. After all, we have one life to live so make it a good one.


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