If you are looking at ways to write or improve your writing skills then please read below.
You love to write, whether it be poetry, non-fiction, articles, journaling, whatever…
A writer is a creative artist who uses words to paint a picture using different styles to communicate ideas.

Reading and writing go hand in hand, generally, if you love to read, then you will have a great vocabulary or knowledge, depending on your interests. While some are inspired by fiction books; romance, mystery, or drama; while others will prefer self-help or non-fiction books.

Here are some of my non-fiction book recommendations.


Become a Freelance Writer

These days, it is way easier to express yourself and work as a freelance writer. Many tasks that require writing content and some of the careers that writing freelancers can do include;

Working as a ghostwriter can be a rewarding role, which also pays well. The role of a ghostwriter is to create engaging content on behalf of a business, author, or self-publisher.

Other writing avenues can include freelancing as a content writer for business, websites, products, sales pitches, blog posts, content marketing, movie scripts, T.V, and so on.

The best way to become a freelance writer is to either sell yourself through a website containing your work or write for a platform or business.

Networking skills will be an important part of your role as a freelancer, so will your research skills and being able to work to meet deadlines.

You will need to be a great communicator and brush up on your spelling and grammar.


writing tools  

Better Writing Techniques

The good news is there are many writing tools available, through advanced programs, like Microsoft Word or Grammarly.

These programs can start you off in the right, or should I say write direction.

Grammarly is a writer’s dream, not only do they offer a free basic plan to account holders; which offers spelling, grammar, and punctuation checking.

However, if you are looking to take your writing to the next level, they also offer a premium and business version. The paid version can offer features such as assistance with tone delivery, engagement, word choice, and plagiarism detection.

This is handy for when you are a self-publisher or ghostwriter and if you select a business account then Grammarly will provide admin assistance. You can view all the plans available for Grammarly or try their business version for free for 7 days.


The Different Types of Writing

Descriptive writing you guessed it ‘uses descriptive’ words so people can get a visual picture. These writings take great effort in cleverly finding a way to explain something so you feel like you are experiencing the same thing visually in your mind.

An example of descriptive writing can be found almost anywhere, in poetry, novels, plays, and so on.

Narrative writing is when an author places themselves in the shoes of their character, writing as if they were the person. In turn, you can place yourself in the character’s shoes like it is happening to you. Narrative writing is found in biographies and novels.

Persuasive writing has a sales-type tone, you know what I mean, its those annoying ad’s and commercials you see on screen. Most of the time the writing is bias, one-sided, however, any real claims should be backed. The truth is generally stretched just to sound more convincing.

Expository writing is where the author aims to explain or define their subject to you, primarily informing you.

Opinions are generally left out focusing on facts and figures, research is required or extensive knowledge on the topic. You will find expository writing in articles like the one you are reading right now and in textbooks.

Creative writing’s purpose is to be fun, engaging, and entertaining. You can find this type of writing almost anywhere, in children’s books, short stories, plays, or novels.

Genres of Literature

Literature is words used to describe written or spoken material, specifically considered to be an art form.

The genres of literature include; non-fiction, fiction, drama, prose, poetry, and media.

Did you know poetry is considered the oldest form of literature? Images conjure up of Shakespearean works, but poetry is a beautiful and brilliant approach to expressing yourself creatively. It is a technique that many people learn or study, which takes many years of practice to master.

Literature can also expand to comic books, fables, and tales as well as graphic novels for children.


writing software tools 

Creative Content Writing and Tips for Writing a Book


As you are well aware, there are many writing courses, tools, and techniques used in writing these days. And with social platforms such as Reddit & Quora booming, having skill in writing can be pretty handy.

Content writing for online marketing is a skill that you learn to develop, which entails a technical approach. You need to understand what the reader finds engaging, as well as be able to interpret keywords related to the topic. There is a specific format to follow and training courses can help you to become a professional content writer.

If you are looking to self-publish your book, there are many platforms you can use such as the well-established Amazon. In saying this, other self-publishing platforms are also popular like; Kobo, Barnes & Noble Press.

Most people use programs like Word, Scrivener, or pages however, these are all paid software programs. Open Office is a free program that might be helpful for people starting out, on a budget as it has a free word processer.

Simple Tips to Writing Your First Draft

  • Practice writing, reading, and improving your vocab. Write using different tones, descriptions, and styles.
  • Edit, edit, edit. Read your work and have other professionals read it. Sometimes viewing your work over and over, your brain may play tricks on you and you’ll miss simple errors.
  • Use a spelling and grammar correction software tool such as Word or Grammarly.
  • Take your time to research. This includes the steps and tips related to your style, the information, or characters you are writing about.
  • Be open to mistakes and constant improvement, the more you make writing part of your routine, the better you will become.

Types of Writers; Different Writing Career Paths

If you are considering becoming a writer or have a keen interest in it, here are the different types of well-known writing careers. These days more roles require different types of engagingly written content for sales and marketing or social media, but nevertheless, here are a few that may be of interest.

Short story writers
Essays and reports


So, whether you write for work, pleasure, an aspiring career, or just for fun, be sure to use the tools available online to assist you with your skill. Trust in your passion and talent and just enjoy the writing process.

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