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The gift of giving should be a pleasurable experience however, it can be stressful and overwhelming when almost every month you have a gift to buy for something. So, how do you personalise a gift without spending a fortune and making it look and feel genuine?

These days many things can be brought without too much thought, but what if you spent time working on something just for someone else? Afterall time these days is more precious than money.

Don’t forget to use your creative talents to personalise a gift and make it yourself.

Knowing what to create can be part of the issue, generally, if you look at the person’s interests, what they like to do, how they spend their time, and what hobbies they have this will help guide you in the right direction.


Creative Handmade Gift Ideas


Write a poem and have it printed on beautifully textured paper. Press some dried flowers and frame it.

Create a personalised artwork, maybe a drawing or painting. Frame it as a wall-sized print.

Use your time to create a Macramé project for hanging pot plants or decorations in someone’s home or courtyard.

Get crafty with Pottery or buy them some clay with the tools for you both to get creative one day.

Make your own lip balm, body scrub, or soap for all-natural ingredients. There are loads of recipes to select from online and you can personalise the scent of each one.

By some unique beads and make some jewellery. Shops like spotlight stock the hooks for earrings, necklaces, bracelets, etc.

Bake biscuits, chocolate treats, or tiny cakes. Display them in a jar and tie them with a pretty piece of string and message tag. Who doesn’t appreciate homemade cooking right?

Repot some succulent plants in a nice pot. Maybe decorate the pot yourself with paint or mosaic.

Create a song or video message with loved ones saying a special message then stitch the video up and send it. The time and effort and thought put into this one are priceless.

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Other Simple Gift Ideas You Can Make Yourself


  • Create a lettering name print of the person’s first name. Beside each letter write something nice about that person. It can be one word to describe them or a sentence.
  • Make up a photo collage dedicated to your relationship or the celebration of a person
  • If you are talented to play music, play an instrument and dedicate a song to your loved one
  • Create a box of treats. You can include caramel popcorn, chocolate candies made by you, biscuits, and other homemade sweet treats
  • Make your own scented perfume with essential oils. Create a mix of drops and purchase a small glass roll-on device for applying
  • If you are crafty with a sewing machine or needle then make a personalised garment or accessories like a knitted scarf or beanie
  • Make a picture book for a child and turn it into a story about them
  • Kids love to be creative, if you have children and are looking for personalized gifts for grandma or aunt then team up to create a project that uses your kid’s artwork
  • Build a jewellery box or toy box if you are handy with woodwork
  • Make your own Limoncello or brew your own Kombucha or Beer

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Why you should make your own gifts

Basically, people don’t have the time to make things but appreciate the effort of something that may be free from preservatives or additives and handmade by a friend or relative.
There are loads of ideas and things you can make for gifts and the best thing is it doesn’t matter if it is for Christmas or a Birthday. Handmade creative gifts are generally welcomed and not only will you enjoy the making process, your loved one will most likely cherish it more.

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