How can we enrich our uncertain future? It is only appropriate that today we look at a topic that affects every human being. Since most of us feel like life plans have gone with the wind, what are the vital lessons we can learn from this experience, and how can we better cope with our uncertain future?

Life is always throwing us a curveball. But what happens when that procrastinates for a hell of a lot longer than expected. The Covid downer has disrupted all our lives, work, play, plans to travel, see family, and the ways we live out each day. How can we push through this period? How can you predict a future that is as uncertain as to the next restriction?


Yes, indeed, we all feel much like guinea pigs in this game, but the truth is not even the officials know how to deal with the current situation. We have seen our Government, health, and world economy spin in a frenzy, and instead of focusing on all the theories and conspiracies, maybe it is about time we begin to focus ahead on our future.

We cannot change the world situation, but we can change the way we look at things. How we try to adapt to what is happening around the world in our unique way?

Looking on the bright side of life right now may not be as easy as it seems, especially if you live in a country where your freedom has been restricted and you are up to your wit’s end.

So we wanted to help, at least by opening up the discussion and getting you to think about your future positively.


Planning for a future

Looking Ahead

A keen traveler, freedom restrictions hit me harder than most, and the thought of being stuck in a daily routine with nothing to look forward to just kills me.

Perspective can be a funny thing. Shifting small thoughts towards more positive self-talk can make all the difference in feeling a little more relief.

Here are some of the ways and things you can do to plan for an uncertain future

  • Accept that uncertainly is the new normal and be humble in managing the present moment.
  • Set some long-term goals. Planning can help you feel more productive and in control.
  • Forecast the way you want things to be, your dream future
  • Make small steps towards plans; this can include; setting up a strict savings plan towards financial freedom or getting back to health to do more adventurous tasks.
  • Remember that this is temporary and will not last forever.
  • Seek gratification in the now, do small things to make you feel good.
  • Your thoughts and attitude can affect your decision-making process. Try to clean up your negative emotions towards your future goals. Let yourself think of the impossible as possible, even if for a short time, and see how you feel.
  • Be honest with yourself and recognize your emotional journey. Question your feelings and thoughts without judgment. This will help to build your emotional agility.
  • Are you dreaming of travel? Then research and go through old photographs, websites online and allow yourself to feel inspired again. Just because you cannot physically do so currently doesn’t mean the future situation won’t allow it.
  • Be clear about your goals and what you want from life. Think about possible scenarios and how you would handle them.
  • Assess your thoughts and assumptions on things valid?
  • Look towards a purpose. What do you want from life? What are your natural talents? Does your job still fulfill you? These are all questions to ponder on and begin to feel excited about once again. Life can begin again at any stage. You are never too old or young to make calculated risk changes that will push you to grow, both personally and professionally.


future uncertainty

Learn From the Experience

I was not untouched by the situation. My partner and I have learned to live more simply during Covid, which included refraining from buying unnecessary items changing old habits. Learning to live off $500 a week and taking a pay cut may have had something to do with it.

Surely I am not the only one talking from experience firsthand how life can do a complete 360; I am merely encouraging you to ride the wave.


The Art of Surrender to a Uncertain Future

As stress levels have risen during this time and it is no wonder so many have turned to various methods for assistance.

If you want to have a better chance of survival and future success, then planning is key. Such things can seem risky or counterproductive considering the future is uncertain, but what is any life without some risk?

The difficult task is overcoming the present picture as the future-forward.


How to Reduce Your Stress Levels

You may have felt the warning signs of your stress levels or anxiety rising. Feelings of restlessness, boredom, trouble sleeping or sleeping a lot, constant worry, or overwhelming emotions. If you have not already tried any of these to reduce your stress levels, then help yourself by incorporating these into your daily routine.


Add self-care into your day

Know your triggers

Express yourself either verbally by talking to someone or by journaling

Use relaxation techniques to calm yourself, such as meditation or breathing exercises

Exercise or go for a walk

Play with a pet or offer to look after a friends

Listen to relaxing music

Recognize when you need further assistance

Cook yourself a healthy, hearty meal

Use positive self-talk words such as I am safe and well

Immerse yourself in creating works of art


Let’s be real for a moment, our future is and has always been uncertain. Every day we wake not knowing what may lie ahead, and every day we go to sleep in the hope of waking up to repeat another day. The only way we can plan for an uncertain future honestly is to appreciate the time and things we cherish today. By sitting in this mindset we can help ourselves to imagine a better tomorrow for the future.

If you are constantly feeling low or depressed, then talk to someone. There are several loved ones and support groups who are willing to provide assistance and guidance. Please search your local areas for more help and remind yourself that this period surely will eventually pass.

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