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Sustainable online shopping is here to stay! Recently we came across a little site in Australia that is here to make a big difference in the way we shop for sustainable products. Evergreen Life is a way of living! They source ethically made homeware products that are both functional and friendly.

Not only is the website colourful, fresh and modern their products are uniquely selected to stand out.

Zero Waste Products online

best reusable cups


If you are looking for reusable products then their zero waste coffee cups and lunch boxes are a treat. Modern designs make them super sleek in anyone’s household. These are sustainable investment pieces made for keeps, that make great gift ideas as well. Other products such as bamboo toothbrushes, silicon reusable storage bags, and reusable straws can all be found.

Sustainable Made Homewares

shop planters online

Keeping your home in line with your core values is one thing, but when products look this good it’s easy to do so. Evergreen Life stocks eco and sustainable goods for the home which include rugs, cushions, planters, ottomans, and more.

Their Barrel Rubber Planters come in four sizes and are made from recycled materials. They have a five-star rating on the website. Tough and a great way to dress up an indoor plant.


woven basketThe Natural Seagrass baskets are perfect for storage, kids’ toys and add a great earthy tone to your home. Super-versatile they can be pushed up or down depending on the use. Various baskets can be used for decorating a room or adding them to the bottom of your plants. Check out their complete basket range online.

Rugs Made Ethically

Their range of beautiful rugs for the home is made from materials such as cotton, hemp, recycled leathers, denim, and straw. Ethically produced supporting local communities in India. So you can shop with peace of mind. Evergreen Life offers easy to keep clean rugs. Each one handmade using eco-friendly materials with unusual designs. Shop matching eco-friendly ottomans or cushions to complete your look.

recycled fabric cushions

Evergreen’s ethical practices include supporting GoodWeave fight against child labour. This is an issue that concerns many poverty struck countries such as India. By watching this video it can help you to think before you shop for a cheap labour made product.

Let’s come together to support brands like this, who are working hard to provide consumers with choices to shop better. Support your local business doing their bit for the environment and our planet. Every action creates a reaction!

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