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Have you ever secretly questioned your partnership? Do you compare your partner to others? How do you know if you are in a loving and healthy relationship? Healthy relationships begin with self-awareness of not only your emotions but those around you. Being deeply fulfilled comes from a place within that only you can understand. 

When we fall in love, we tend to feel less pain because of the neurochemicals like dopamine and oxytocin floating around our brains. Our stress levels and blood pressure drops. As the saying goes, ‘drunk on love.’ After being with the same partner for so long, our relationship can feel compromised.

We all know any relationship takes work, but whether you are pulling all the weight or standing back, there needs to be an equal balance.

Some evidence suggests that forming a stable relationship starts in infancy during a child’s earliest experiences. This only concludes that we are ever more responsible for our happiness and healing.

Understanding the Different Ways to Show Love

In Gary Chapman’s book, the five languages of love, he talks about different ways of showing love through touch, quality time, acts of service, receiving gifts, and affirmations. Each of us demonstrates love in various ways, so it is good to know the way your partner expresses their love, equally how you like to show love. There are no right or wrong ways unless they are toxic, of course, so knowledge and understanding in a partnership are key!

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Self Love, Communication & Forgiveness | Healthy Relationships


All romantic relationships go through ups and downs, and they all can grow deeply from commitment and a willingness to compromise.

It’s common to have an idea of what a perfect relationship should look like? These generally stem from our upbringing. How we saw our parents behave or what values were instilled in us.

Rather than looking to others for validation that we are lovable and worthy, we need to start with ourselves. As children, we have so much love for ourselves, however when we get older, and become more self-conscious and lose this love, struggling to accept ourselves for who we are or how we look.

Communication and forgiveness are two very essential topics that I discuss in my relationship book for couples

I share knowledge and experience and extensive research on what is proven to work in a healthy relationship for long-term success.

Some of the core things that humans desire in a relationship to feel secure include; Trust, Compassion, Support, and Respect.

Tips for Self-Awareness & Building a Healthy Relationship with Yourself

Too often, people fear time alone rather than embracing it. Loneliness is among some of the top emotions that drive us into feelings of depression or anxiety. But how do you embrace these feelings when you crave to be in a couple? Bring self-awareness into the picture and start to build a strong and healthy relationship with yourself. Try some of these tips to begin with;

Stop distracting yourself when something feels wrong. This is probably the number one thing most of us do incorrectly from the start. We learn to untrust our initial feeling, which can lead to further heartbreak and pain.

You need to surrender to the process and trust that the right person will come when the situation presents itself.

Your intuition is the single most important tool you have. The voice provides information about who you are and how you feel about that person. Listen to it! Don’t be afraid of giving up someone out of fear no one else will show up. Keep to your truths, and soon enough, the right person will line up.

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Toxic, Narcissistic Relationships and Unhealthy Relationship Warning Signs

Understanding the importance of self-worth is vital to be in a healthy relationship and avoid toxic or narcissistic people.

Narcissistic people tend to have a sense of entitlement. They lack empathy for others and have manipulative and controlling behaviors. Their exaggerated sense of self-importance tends to belittle those around them, while they have difficulty controlling their mood and emotions.

Equally, someone who is co-dependant can be toxic. Generally, they cannot function on their own. They have a lower priority of their emotional needs and tend to focus on those of others. These two types of people can often be drawn to one another, creating an explosion of toxic relationship behaviors.

Sometimes we brush valuable things that were once meaningful and make excuses for others to feel loved or worthy of another person. 

This is why the beliefs instilled in us can be so hard to break. Things like Dwelling on the ‘what if’ possibilities or replaying your mistakes can all be behaviors we need to unlearn or break. 

Life After a Break up Mending a Broken Heart

Some of Life’s biggest lessons come from a major event, turning point, or crisis when we are forced to put ourselves first and take a leap of faith.

Try changing your viewpoint and accepting reality, maybe things did work out for the best, and you will eventually see that.

Ask yourself questions like;

Are my ideas in relationships realistic?

Do my fears stop me from letting go of an outcome and just enjoying the company of another?

Is there any unnecessary pressure placed on me or the situation?

 There are always ways to help ease the pain of your broken heart, and I share a chapter on this topic alone. After dealing with multiple beatings myself, I have developed a clear and strong strategy for growing from the pain. 

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Couples Therapy in a Book

My Relationship Book for Couples will help you to Learn to Heal your Heart, Build Trust Better Connections to Deepen Your Bond in a Relationship. It provides simple Ways to Improve Your Communication, Self-Awareness, and Emotional Intelligence. 

Believe you deserve better, and you will attract it into your life. Admit that to yourself and attract the people who value you and what you stand for.

The book includes questions to address within yourself and your relationship with activities to deepen your bond and build trust through communication. 

Check it out today and start a new way to a healthier relationship.

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