Many may think that working from home is the dream, and for some, it very well may be. Working from home requires discipline, motivation while having a strong tolerance for distractions. The impact Covid-19 has had on our work, personal lives can be reflected in the isolation and social disruption we have experienced, but is working from home a good thing for humans? We discuss the pros and cons of working from home during the pandemic, the effect on our freedom, and changed lifestyle.

We live, eat, sleep, spend time relaxing alone or with family at home. As the number of hours we spend working from home has increased, what part is it playing in our lives? Is it healthy? What social or interpersonal issues will arise from such a shift in lifestyle?

These are valid questions you may ask yourself at some point. The inevitable fact that couples may be spending more hours together in the home environment could also be another factor related to many personal break-ups.


Freelancing from home

After almost three years working from home, the lack of contact with others has taken its toll. Initially, I felt I was living the dream, working my hours and having breaks when I needed them. Freelance work required a self-drive and discipline that was much more challenging than working in a team at the office. There was no real set routine and sometimes it felt lonely, but the many pros out way the cons. Working from home during Covid isolation however created a mishmash of forgetting what day it was and working through the weekends. There was a lack of balance and space, not to mention personal interaction with other human beings. Staying at home became the norm. Nothing excited me nor challenged me. Slowly I felt myself fall into a pit and in desperate needed a change.

I lacked a certain spark for life, which I found most others felt. Trapped inside, left me edgy and restless. Staying motivated was challenging; I worked into the evening some days, while others I’d struggled to turn on a computer. I felt a change was needed, a new direction perhaps, but what and how was beyond me with freedom restricted, all seemed a little too hopeless.


The Pros and Cons of Working from Home During Covid


  • No morning commute to work
  • Work at your own pace
  • Saving money on transport and food or coffees
  • More time with the family after work hours
  • More time to do small chores at home between breaks
  • The convenience of making personal appointments
  • No work office general distractions
  • Able to work more productively at your own pace



  • No socialising with colleagues
  • No exercise commuting to work
  • Too many distractions at home
  • Lack of motivation
  • Feeling isolated
  • Hard to separate personal and professional space
  • Feeling stuck or bored with your mundane routine
  • No reason to leave the house
  • The risk of becoming socially distant from others

If you are looking for more clarity in your work life then check out our article to help you assess the factors to consider when going through a career change. The best advice is to try and keep your body and mind active while working from home. Set a routine to exercise each day and then have an activity to unwind at the end of the day. Make sure it is something you enjoy and find relaxing.

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