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The decorations are out yet again and it isn’t until we reach this time of year that we stop to reflect on how quickly the days have passed. Well, this year may be an exception. But on a more positive note, we wanted to share some thoughtful ideas for Christmas stocking fillers and some Eco-friendly Christmas gift ideas.

Let’s face it, buying loads of gifts for friends and family can be stressful and overwhelming. There are people in crowds at malls all struggling to do the same thing. This year might be a little different, so you will need to start planning ahead and ordering online.

Although when you are buying try to shop smart, don’t waste your money on useless goods or things that will be tossed out the next day. Remember to be considerate of the planet and our environment, because this is something that affects us all.

Here are some Eco-friendly Christmas gift Ideas that we love because they are better for our planet and us!



There are millions of coffee lovers all over the world, which also means millions of wasted coffee pods. Help clean up our act with these reusable coffee capsules suitable for most coffee machines.

eco coffee pods


Keep your fruit and veggies for longer with these handy swag bags. Come in various sizes and are suitable for people who like to reduce waste, packaging. Shop at your local markets and use these bags to keep goods in the fridge for longer.

The Swag Bag – Small

eco swag bag

Limit your plastic bottles and waste by going waste-free with these shampoo bar sets by humankind. Good for you and the environment. And super useful, cause who doesn’t need shampoo right?

Shower Routine Sets

shampoo bar

Know someone who loves to ride into work? This waxed canvas lunch bag could be the perfect gift. Not only does it look chic it is also super functional.

Waxed Canvas Lunch Bag

bike bag


We all need a good shave from time to time, this is probably the most useful and handy device for both men & women. Buy someone something that is something they wouldn’t buy for themselves, but will definitely use and appreciate.

Here are some other zero waste products as gift ideas for Christmas.

eco steel razor

Kappi Reusable Safety Razor (Various colours)

natural soaps

Beautiful Natural Soaps

Sustainable packaging

Reusable Food Storage Bags, Wraps

Waste-free pack filled with goodies everyone can use to be more sustainable producing zero waste.



We all love food, so why not encourage people to be more enthusiastic about making their own? Cheese for one is popular, but if you are vegan or have special requirements you don’t need to be left out. How about this Cheese kit for vegans.

cheese kit for vegan


They say a healthy mind, a healthy body and it couldn’t be more true. How you feel is generally a state of mind. It all seems to begin and end with our thoughts. After such a challenging year for most of us, it is only right to get our minds healthy first before anything. Whether you are trying to overcome anxiety or just need a boost of self-love and confidence, we have a few recommended reading and mindful self-love Christmas gifts.



This is a perfect Christmas gift for your girl buddies or all the girls in your life, who need a little guide to remind them of how special they are. It is a simple guide to helping you overcome the feeling of being anxious while giving self-loving advice. Beautifully illustrated it is two simple guides in one, with inspiring quotes and short poetry mindfulness words. Purchase the Anxiety book or Poetry separately or as a bundle. If you wish to save on the printing then order a Kindle version instead.

Christmas gift idea

How about a mindfulness Calendar to remind people to slow down, with this cute calendar.


Oracle cards or questions to ask yourself in times of mindfulness & meditation.

oracle cards

Just make sure this Christmas you are an eco-friendly gift-giver and are doing your bit to help to reduce our waste. Think less waste, whether it is through giving Christmas gifts or festivities.

Have a Merry Christmas and a safe start to the New Year. Our team at Planet Intuition wish you happier times ahead in 2021.

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