cheers to the end of 2020

2020 will long be remembered as the catastrophic year that took our human species to another level of awakening. Personal struggles, health concerns, restrictions, and thought-provoking big life decision-making.

As difficult as it was it doesn’t necessarily mean we should forget it. Of course, I am not saying these are good emotions or experiences that we all felt, but 2020 did force us to grow beyond our limits.

Ignoring this year and pretending it never happen would be like going through a horrible experience, without the lesson learned. We have shifted our way of being both individually and as a collective. Our priorities, authorities, and lives have been put under the microscope. And it was probably only a matter of time before something had to change.



How many people were looking or hoping for a change in the world before Covid? Perhaps for humans to be more kind, compassionate, or just real for that matter? Life had just become too exhausting that we had shut ourselves off from reality. Just to sustain our drive to live in this world we have created.

The truth of the matter is that we do not need everything we are exposed to. The newest iPhone, that big shiny new car; these were all tools we use to make ourselves feel better. We have become a society of buying new and wastefulness, just to feed our egos and wants. It is time we take a look at what is really fulfilling our lives beyond commercial products or material items. Humans are supposed to be an advanced species, yet we destroy our environment and avoid issues that are too difficult to face. Then again nothing will change until we do.



I have seen many people and businesses shift to make adaptable adjustments to their livelihood. The pandemic has left us vulnerably exposed as a species, feeling unprepared for our future ahead. But the truth is we have always been vulnerable, from the day we are born. It is only living in the Western world that we choose to live in a bubble of commodities, chasing commercialism and unrealistic perfection.

Every day there is suffering happening around our world that we ignore or block out, mainly because it does not physically affect us at this moment. The homeless person on the street we pass. Helping a community in a third-world country whose resources others fight for. We destroy our natural world like our rainforests and wildlife to the point of extinction. Only to discover that every action has a consequence.

Change is inevitable and with time this difficult moment will pass. We will all be left with painful memories, stories, and triumphs. But the difference it all would have made will depend on each one of us and how we choose to live from here on.

change is coming sign


I dare you to make 2021 a year of progressive change. To stick by the things that truly make you happy, support the good causes that you believe in. Make it the year of facing your truths. No more blind eye turning, face fears, challenges, and realities, and make positive changes for the better. Change begins within, and if every one of us can contribute to acts of positive change every day, it encourages positive change on a global basis. We all have a voice, each one of us can inspire or help one another in a way that evokes hope in human kindness. Longing for a better place to live, for our future children, means we need to create it by demonstrating a change in our own homes. This is where change makes all the difference.



It is possible to doing small things every day to shift the energy and mood of an individual.

Some of the things you could do could be;


  • Make a New Years resolution to support a group online or in-person that encourages a healthier standard of living.
  • Create a plastic-free home.
  • Comfort a sick person or elderly one in a home.
  • Say no to unnecessary commercialism. Don’t update your old phone every year.
  • Teach your children the importance of family life, nurturing things, and where our food comes from.
  • Prioritise your life by spending time with those you care about most. Remember time is the most precious gift, after all.
  • Share! It could be sharing food from your garden with the neighbours or offering to car share. Sharing time to help service your community and unite the people in your area.
  • Be less wasteful; with food, goods and think to reuse things or sell and donate them.
  • Don’t believe everything you see or hear. Learn to educate yourself about essential topics and challenge or stick up for what you believe. The media and society strive to make us conform to behaviors.
  • Support your local farmer and the small markets in your community.
  • Rekindle your passion for life and living by creating a community that you are proud to be part of.
  • Inspire others who are in need. Lead with your talents or by sharing your struggle story or offering support.

change transformation


Although 2020 has been a challenging year, we can aspire to create a better place for 2021. Start by trying to change your own vibration and believe that change is possible. If you look over the history of man you’ll see that change is the only thing constant. I will leave you with a wonderful quote from Mahatma Gandhi that we can all aspire to do.

“In a gentle way you can shake the world.”

The start of something new is just around the corner… can you feel it?

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