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There’s nothing like having a case of the blues. But what happens when these blue days stick around and turn into weeks or months. If you need some advice on how to be grateful & release negative emotions, then keep reading.

Negative emotions can be feelings of fear, anger, frustration, loneliness, sadness, anxiety, and depression. These can then lead to feeling ashamed within yourself, being embarrassed, having guilt, or remorse. Over time you can feel like you are losing your sense of self because you are not true to who you are. It can leave you to act out of character.



Here are a few ways to be grateful and master negative emotions. Switch your thinking. Each day brings a new beginning. Begin with positive thoughts. It’s time to start paying attention to your thinking habits and your internal dialogue.

Make plans towards achieving goals and getting stuff done. Try and focus on your solutions rather than dwelling on the problem at hand.

Whether you are no longer inspired by your work or feel burdened by your financial commitments, adding a few of these small techniques into your routine may help break the negative thought pattern.

By suppressing emotions, you will find that they can take control of your life. I know this. I wrote a whole book about transforming your life.

When we don’t heal negative emotions, they can consume us and become part of our internal thought systems. It can make us feel paralysed and like we have lost total control over our lives.



  • Remember to be grateful for the small things you have. Your life for one.
  • Do some assessment of your belief system.
    What are the things you value?
    Why don’t you have the life you wish you had?
    What are your thoughts about this? Is there anything you can do to soothe yourself?
    Our beliefs are our internal thoughts, and they generally stem from various things like family values, upbringing, history, and the things we subconsciously programmed, etc.
  • If you regularly find yourself overthinking or have lost confidence in yourself or the situation, you need to find support and comfort using various techniques. Make these things a habit and part of your daily routine. You will find that sticking to something daily will pay off for the long term.
  • Do things that light you up and change your mood. Try a personalised wreck this journal.
    It offers fun activities to lose yourself in and ways to express your emotions. Planet Intuition has you covered with our specially designed wreck it journals for creatives.
  • Don’t’ judge yourself for how you feel. This includes pity or being a harsh critic. You only need to be kind to yourself and show love and support to you, the way you would a friend.
  • Exercise helps to boost good chemicals in the brain and it is the easiest way to reset your mood.
    Start with a gentle walk outside. If it is too cold to go outside, then do a short 20-minute yoga or stretching in the comfort of your own home.
  • When we show ourselves, love, it encourages better things in our lives. It is almost like setting a standard and drawing to you all things alike.


How to show gratitude


  • List to music or an inspiring podcast on your way to work. It will lift your mood and change your opinions.
  • Remind yourself these emotions are only temporary. Try to envision the life you want to have each day. Create a mood board or collage of the things you want to attract in your life. Place this in a spot where each morning you can see it.
  • Break your routine. If you follow the same routine, do something different. Meet a friend for coffee before work, or stop at a local cafe for breakfast.
  • Live in the moment, do tasks, and be present when you are doing them.
    For E.g. While you are cooking dinner, say thank you for the food you have.
    Enjoy the preparation. Make cooking a mindful activity. When you are eating, take your time, savour each mouthful, and taste all the flavours.
  • Slow it down. Meditation is a wonderful way to practice deep breathing and relaxation. It can help to keep you grounded and release good endorphins.
  • Make small steps towards making changes, like researching your dream job or skills you would like to learn.
  • Use writing, drawing, painting, or being creative as a way of expressing your feelings.
  • Book in a mid-week treat. Chat with a friend, try a new encouraging app, or buy a new book.
  • Look for something beautiful in each day. Look for an act of kindness or a sweet gesture. It could be as simple as acknowledging how beautiful nature is. This habit train you to see the good in situations.


gratitude diary


Journaling is something that can offer clarity and perspective on emotions.
It forces us to go internal and think about why we feel a certain way.
Stopping to take some time to think and process these emotions can help us to overcome and understand the core root of any negativity we may be feeling. This can sometimes be linked to bad habits we have developed, memories that make us feel unworthy, or just a lack mentality that keeps us stuck.


Planet Intuition has come together to create you a Gratitude journal. The beautiful journal is designed for creative writers or anyone looking at doing some self-introspection. It is an uplifting diary with quotes, affirmations, self-care questions, and self-love writing tasks.

The personal journal includes; pages on astrology, daily tasks, saving money, eating right & fitness activities. 

If you are interested in purchasing this gratitude journal on amazon, it has just become available. Purchase it for yourself or someone in need of a little positive boost. Designed with creatives in mind, it is a full-color journal offering 170 pages of mindfulness inspiration.

Get your gratitude journal online. It will motivate you to see the light in your situation and count your blessings. 


Keep smiling! Remember, life will always be putting obstacles in our path to become better versions of ourselves. 


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