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Whether you are an empath or just sensitive to what’s happening around you, we should all be responsible right now for protecting our own energy. With so much happening in the world, it’s only normal to feel anxious or stuck in a rut. So I have put together some simple tips, to help protect your energy.

There is no denying it Covid-19 has changed the way we view the world and our own lives. However, with so much negativity in the news, it is more important now to be aware of what you are being exposed to. This way you can protect yourself and your feelings from the press, people or situations that bring no good.

Be mindful of what your tapping into

Tapping into energies of others can have it’s good and bad. Knowing where your feelings are deriving from is important. Sometimes it’s confusing to know what we feel, or what is being projected onto us from an external place.

Many years ago, I decided to ditch the evening news. It left me feeling so defeated, constantly painting a negative view of the world. Like a puppet I was engulfed in the stories, not realising they were all fear-based. It brought about more emotions of feeling helpless.

Obviously, it is the media’s job to sell a story, but why do they always do this in a negative or fearful way? Well, because it works! Fear is a marketing technique used, just read Drew Eric Whitman’s book Cashvertising and you will see.

People become consumed by the headlines and without realising they absorb the negativity pushed onto them. Sometimes we are not even aware of what is happening until afterward when we feel like crap.

The media are just one of the energy vampires you need to protect yourself from. I’m not saying if you enjoy watching the news to stop completely as I did, but just take notice of how it might be affecting you energetically. Then you can assess whether it is really that important in your life.

Protecting yourself from people who are closed-minded or negative, that zap you of your good energy is important through setting boundaries. Particularly for extra sensitive people such as empaths, who tend to feel other people’s emotions.

If you are feeling stuck in a rut and life’s story seems to be playing on repeat, then here are some simple tips to protect your energy and help you get back to the truth of yourself.

6 Tips to Protecting your Energy

  • Associate yourself with people who are positive and open-minded. Set boundaries so others don’t take advantage of you. This could simply be making time for yourself when you need to recharge.
  • Read books or listen to podcasts that help you stay motivated and focused on your goals.
  • Get grounded by spending time out in nature, this is one of the best ways to re-align your energy.
  • Practice being present, don’t let the future or past event affect the power that you currently have.
  • Be in a state of mindfulness, in each task you are doing allow yourself to really take your time and not rush through it.
  • Practice meditation, yoga, exercise, or creative task you enjoy doing weekly to keep you feeling relaxed and help you to declutter your mind.

6 Tips to Get Unstuck

  • Make more time for catching up with friends or people you enjoy the company of. Laughing and socialising with the right people can help you feel more positive about life.
  • Do an art class, take up gardening, writing or make morning walks a part of your routine. This will help you to express yourself or just take in life’s beauty and simplicity.
  • Create a plan. Map out what short-term and long-term goals you want to achieve and write the steps you can take each day to move a step closer to them. This will help you to feel motivated and inspired again. When we have a purpose and take action towards it, it gives us a sense of accomplishment.
  • Get clarity on your feelings. Yep, you heard right! Why do you feel stuck? What is it that you would like to change in your life? Are you unhappy about your financial situation or want to start a new adventure in life? Write a list of skills you can work on developing or books that will help educate or inspire you once more. E.g. Do you procrastinate or never finish something you start? Maybe working on your consistency or resilience will help you in future projects.
  • Don’t limit yourself to dreaming big. Why do you place limits on yourself, just because things may look a certain way right now, doesn’t mean it will be this way for good! By trying to manifest better things and letting your mind be open to new possibilities it can transform the way you think and feel. Try doing this for five minutes every day at the same time. Maybe just before you get out of bed, think about your desires and just allow yourself to bask in the dream of it.


We are all responsible for protecting our own energy and being aware of the influences that may affect us. By changing some of our habits and making time to protect our own energy, can it make a difference in how we feel and what we attract more of?


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