careers for the future

Wondering what will be the future career opportunities in the next ten to fifteen years? Thinking outside the normal way to earn a living may feel a bit foreign right now with the hit of this pandemic, but the truth is many of us are searching for new ways to make a living. Exhausted by the commute to work, or questioning your time and priorities in life, have you asked yourself what I can do with your life in order to make a living?

You may have seen the Ads on YouTube about making money an alternate way. It seems everyone is looking for ways to make a few bucks independently. The rapid changes in our world have taken jobs in new directions. But the important thing is to get clarity on the lifestyle you are seeking.

How many of you ever thought that there would be an occupation as an influencer on Instagram or YouTube celeb? Jobs that never cease to amaze! Welcome to the ever-changing world of social media platforms.

Back when I left high school, let’s just say it was around the year 2000, I recall reading an article claiming that the top jobs for the future were going to be hairdressers, graphic designers, and computer I.T. Rightfully so, these occupations bloomed and are still doing pretty well.

careers for the future

Jobs to Watch for the Future

According to an article by Yahoo Finance in Australia, the top growth sectors for jobs in the future are Marketing, Healthcare, Teaching, and Chefs.

Any data, software, tech-savvy specialists need not worry. However, in saying that people’s awareness of having an eco-friendly approach, will impact a sector of the market. Already we are seeing a growth in brands, products, and services that offer alternate approaches.

I would imagine more people are seeking freedom in their lifestyles, therefore we will see more professionals, freelancers, and business owners.

jobs for the future

Future Career Opportunities in the Distant Future

Looking way ahead some of the predicted jobs for the future, 20-30 years from now, may seem a little far-fetched, nevertheless, they could become a possibility.

Future occupation predictions include drone traffic controllers and people hired to control the productivity of employers. Just think about how many distractions the web provides today, not to mention how much time we spend on our tiny mobile devices. Therefore, imagine what they will create in the future to give us a higher dopamine fix.

It’s only normal to think that life will continue to move at a faster pace, although sometimes I like to imagine it slowing down and going back to the old days. The fact is regardless of viruses or whatever is going on in the world, the future will always be forward.

Although I like to think of how everyone will be affected by our continuous need for more, on an emotional level. My own gratification of simplifying my life, to get back to the bare basics, might be appealing to some.

Personally, if I had to think of a future dream job it would involve communities of people coming together to help and encourage others in a more genuine way. But maybe this is just a fantasy.

Like most others, I am tired of the robotic lifestyle we have created for ourselves and the need we have to feel busy in order to feel important. Once all that hype stops, we then feel completely lost and displaced.

If you need a little inspiration on living a more creative life then I would recommend reading this book.

Maybe my dream job title would be a ‘how to live life coach’ on the basis of how to live simply. Lol. Don’t laugh, this may actually be a real job.

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