Do you believe we have spiritual guidance while here on earth? Are we really here alone or do we have a team or network of angels or guides who are giving us signs along the way? No matter what you believe in the fact is, some things about our human existence are just unexplainable. In this article, we will look at exploring the idea of non-physical guidance and what it feels like to go through a spiritual awakening.

Being attracted to this article you may have heard of the terms Empaths, lightworkers, or earth angels? Nevertheless, the fact is some people have a higher spiritual evolvement than others. So, for those of you trying to understand and explore your own spirituality, here are a few ways your spirit guides may be trying to get your attention and how to connect with them.

Spirit guides can come in many forms, some believe that their guides are passed loved ones, ascended masters, spirit animals, or angels.

Exploring the non-physical comes down to an inner knowing as it is something you feel, rather than try to explain.

Obviously, life after death is not a question that hasn’t crossed our minds at some point. What happens to us when we cross over, where does our spirit go? Sensitive and open-minded people may question the non-physical at a deeper level, on their quest for answers. At some point in life, we search for our own meaning in our lives, and this could all lead to a spiritual awakening.


What is Spirituality?

Don’t confuse spirituality with religion, there is a difference. Spirituality refers to your own exploration of the non-physical and something greater than yourself. Although the two can cross over in this case we are referring to the growth of your soul and your own meaning of life. While religion is a set of organised beliefs set by a community or group, your spirituality reflects your purpose and how you connect with others.

What is a spiritual awakening experience?

Spiritual awakening involves the shedding of the ego in order to find your truest way of expressing yourself and living your life. It can feel like the energy of transformation towards healing old beliefs or wounds. Spiritual awakenings can feel extremely lonely and confusing and there may be times when you cannot fully comprehend what you are going through. This can be difficult to explain to others, especially when you feel like you are losing yourself to something you cannot see or understand. It is almost like a wake-up call to your life and it happens as a way of your soul growth and expansion. Different things can trigger an awakening but if you are curious, here are a few signs that you may experience when going through a spiritual awakening.

Spiritual awakening symptoms

  • You feel completely lost in the direction of your life
  • There is a sense that you feel you don’t belong on earth
  • Peoples small talk seems meaningless, you look for truth and deep conversations
  • You feel tired all the time
  • A loss of interest in most things
  • Thinking about life and the meaning, seeking answers
  • Low energy levels and you feel emotional
  • Craving meaning and purpose
  • A need to purge your old life
  • You feel abandoned by the spirit world, God, etc
  • You experience deep empathy
  • Wanting to be alone
  • Discovering yourself in-depth, addressing things, and questioning your habits & beliefs
  • There is an unconditional love starting to grow inside you
  • Your more sensitive and have a heightened awareness

The good news is that this stage will pass in time, everyone’s experience is different so you need to allow the process. Some ways to help you get through it could be practicing a quiet meditation or spending time in nature to honour your emotions. These are both good for helping you to feel relief, identify your feelings or fears, embrace them, and let them go. Also try reading books or other people’s experiences, as this will help make you feel more understood.

Signs your spirit guides are trying to connect or communicate with you

  • Look out for signs and symbols such as feathers, repeating visions, numbers, etc.
  • Feelings of touch, are usually on your head, shoulder, or hand. It is a light touch that may be followed by goosebumps all over your body
  • White feathers are a sign your spirit guides are with you, watching over you
  • Remembering patterns in dreams, that feels like you have dreamt them before
  • Lyrics in songs or music that randomly plays, e.g if you feel down and hear a song about being happy
  • Scents that remind you of a past event or passed on a loved one
  • Random occurrences, when something or someone you need just shows up
  • Ultimately, trust your intuition and the feelings you get around any of these experiences

awakening symptoms

Ways to connect with your spirit guides

  • Use a dedicated time to quiet your mind maybe through a form of meditation
  • Through dreams, messages you receive about questions you have that come to you in an odd or unexpected way, but help give you clarity
  • Oracle or tarot card messages are a great way to develop your relationship with trusting the guidance you receive
  • Ask your guides to communicate with you or provide help with the answers you need. Remember to make your requests specific and clear. Let go of the answers you want to hear and be open. It is a non-physical source so an example would be asking to show you a symbol or sign if something is meant to be, such as a feather or coloured item. Then be patient and allow yourself to be open, knowing when you see something, you’ll have your answer

Exploring the Non-Physical

Whether you believe in the non-physical or not, it is good to question it and develop your own thoughts. Each and every one of us has our own life experiences, gifts, and talents, so our beliefs will be uniquely different. The more open we are to accept we are all unique means that we can actually learn from one another rather than feel judged, threatened, or even ignorant to what could be possible.

Some great questions to ask yourself if you find that you are questioning your spirituality are

  • Who am I, what are my natural talents and gifts?
  • How much power do circumstances have over me?
  • What do I believe when it comes to the meaning of life, why are we here?
  • What are the most important things in my life?
  • How do I see the divine in others and myself?

Ultimately don’t forget, even though an awakening experience can feel isolating and lonely, many others have been down the same path. Reach out if you are feeling like this is happening to you and get support from other like-minded individuals, who will understand what you are going through. Watch this helpful YouTube video on spiritual awakening to help by Christina Lopes. If you are interested in reading about my experience you can also check out my book on awakening and how to cope and acknowledge your own life truths.

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